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Technology News

April 2019

We completed an upgrade on our fiber backbone cables and switch boxes at SHS/CVCC and BTMES during February break. The BCEMS building was done earlier in the year. These fiber cable upgrades will help our overall goal of improving the speed of and access to Internet connectivity for all the buildings.

Online Safety: It is critical that we make online security a daily habit and a part of our lifestyle. Keeping both ourselves and the Barre School community safe is our collective responsibility. Please consider enabling 2-step verification on your Google account to add an extra layer of security. With 2-Step Verification, you'll protect your account with something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone or Security Key). Go to to learn more about 2 step verification and email security.

Google recently introduced several new features in G Suite for Education to help keep users data secure. We have enabled these features in our Google admin console. These new settings offer the following protections:

  • Automatically flag emails from untrusted senders that have encrypted attachments
  • Warn against email that tries to spoof employee names or that comes from a domain that looks similar to own domain
  • Offer enhanced protections against spear phishing attacks by flagging unauthenticated email
  • Scan images for phishing indicators and expand shortened URLs to uncover malicious links

With the protections we have in place in our Google admin console, most of the Email Compromise Scenarios - or when someone impersonates a building administrator to get sensitive information - are either automatically moved to the spam folder or flagged with anomaly warnings to users.

Several staff members had issues with logging into Infinite Campus. Our IT Specialists were able to determine that the Grammarly Chrome extension was causing Infinite Campus login page to flicker and not allow for a smooth login process. If you are having this issue, please turn off the Grammarly Chrome extension on Infinite Campus site.

Technology Bits and Bytes:

Sometimes you might want to grant access to a file or folder in your Google Drive for a limited time. Use the Set expiration feature in the Drive Sharing controls to auto-expire a shared file or folder. In Drive:

  • Select File or Folder
  • Click Share
  • Click Advanced
  • Add the person you wish to share (if not already shared)
  • Hover over the person’s name and click Set expiration time
  • Change the access expiration date
  • Click Save changes and then click Done